2nd Defence Raya Open Golf Championship rolls into action from Oct 26

2nd Defence Raya Open Golf Championship rolls into action from Oct 26
2nd Defence Raya Open Golf Championship rolls into action from Oct 26

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The Defence Raya Golf and Country Club welcomes the top 100 professional golfers from across Pakistan for the 2nd Defence Raya Open Golf Championship. Over the next four days, these skilled athletes will vie for both prestigious accolades and a share of the six-million-rupee prize purse.

As they tee off at the par-72 Defence Raya Golf Course, the contenders, some highly regarded and heralded, are poised to showcase their golfing prowess, with the first tee-off scheduled for 7 a.m.

The competition features the likes of Mohammed Shabbir, the unrivaled champion known for his unwavering consistency on the national golf circuit. His participation alone adds a layer of tension even for formidable players such as M. Munir, Matloob Rana, M. Ashfaq, and Waheed Baloch, all distinguished golf professionals.

In this golfing region, young Ahmed Baig, a product of the Lahore Garrison Greens Golf Club, enjoys immense popularity among golf enthusiasts. His remarkable record over the past twelve months underscores his exceptional talents and resilience, positioning him as the champion of the future. Notably, he remains undaunted by the remarkable winning streak of Muhammed Shabbir Iqbal.

In the lead-up to the championship, Ahmed Baig, currently ranked number two in Pakistan, diligently prepared at the Defence Raya Golf Course, familiarizing himself with the fairways and acclimating to the greens. Ahmed Baig confidently affirms, “It’s not just about preparation; it’s about the right preparation.” This sentiment resonates in whispers among golf circles, suggesting that he is a formidable adversary.

The playing arena is set to rigorously examine the golfers’ skills, with the course length extended to 6800 yards. From the championship markers, the course demands precise shot placement due to its challenging fairways and fast greens. The top-notch infrastructure and the dedicated organizing team, led by Brig Ayaz Masood Khan (Retd) as Tournament Director and Muhammed Haroon Shafiq as Assistant Tournament Director at Defence Raya Golf Club, anticipate four days of exceptional quality golf.

The competition boasts a substantial prize purse of six million rupees and additional incentives, including a car for a hole-in-one and two Honda CD 70s for the second and third holes-in-one.

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