Lahore Smart City Polo in Pink 2023: Pebble Breaker clinch title

Lahore Smart City Polo in Pink 2023: Pebble Breaker clinch title
Lahore Smart City Polo in Pink 2023: Pebble Breaker clinch title

TTS Report :

Team Pebble Breaker defeated Lahore Smart City with a score of 5-3 to clinch the title in the Lahore Smart City Polo in Pink Tournament 2023 that concluded here at the Lahore Polo Club on Sunday.

Chairman of Lahore Smart City, Zahid Rafiq, graced the event as the chief guest. The occasion was attended by prominent figures including MD Muhammad Jahanzeb Zahid, Chief Financial Officer Zahid Arif, Chief Operating Officer Imran Zahid, Lahore Polo Club President Azam Hayat Noon, executive committee members, families, children, and a multitude of passionate polo lovers.

The event also drew the presence of foreign women polo players and renowned showbiz personalities, with notable attendees like Juggun Kazim. The day began with a spirited javelin competition, followed by an exciting motorcycle parade that thrilled the spectators.

The final match kept the audience on the edge of their seats. Pebble Breaker exhibited exceptional gameplay, ultimately defeating Lahore Smart City with a score of 5-3. Bilal Haye was the standout performer, contributing three crucial goals, while Ahmed Ali Tiwana scored two goals for Pebble Breaker. On the opposing side, Farooq Amin Sufi, Mumtaz Abbas Niazi, and Agha Musa each scored a goal for Lahore Smart City.

In the Subsidiary Final, Team FG Polo displayed their prowess by defeating DS/Sheikhoo Steel with a score of 8-5½. The prize distribution ceremony concluded the event, with shields and prizes awarded to the winners, runners-up, and top performers by the esteemed chief guest.

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