Hamadan Lahore Open Polo: FG/Din Polo, Remounts book berths in main final


TTS Report :

FG/Din Polo and Team Remounts emerged victorious in their respective semifinals played here at the Lahore Polo Club on Friday, qualifying for the main final of the Hamadan Lahore Open Polo Championship sponsored by Hamadan and Samsung. Lahore Polo Club President, Malik Azam Hayat Noon, along with executive committee members, the secretary, and a multitude of players and families, gathered to witness the captivating and exciting matches.

In the first semifinal, FG/Din Polo narrowly triumphed over Newage Cables with a 7-6 scoreline. Bilal Haye and Juan Cruz Greguol stole the spotlight with three goals each, securing their team’s victory. Amin Rahman contributed the remaining one goal. Hamza Mawaz Khan shone for Newage Cables, scoring four goals, while Shah Shayml Alam and Muhammad Ali Malik each added one. The second semifinal witnessed a clash of titans as Remounts faced off against Rijas Polo. In a hard-fought battle, Rijas Polo emerged victorious with an 8-7 victory. Loa Abelenda led Remounts to victory with an impressive six-goal tally, supported by Omar Asjad Malhi and Mohammad Naeem, each contributing one goal. Despite Juan Manuel Grossi’s stellar performance with six goals and Mohib Shahzad adding one, Rijas Polo fell short by a single-goal margin.

The main final, set for Sunday (December 24, 2023), promises an intense showdown between FG/Din Polo and Remounts. Meanwhile, in the subsidiary final, Diamond Paints/Platinum Homes will go head-to-head against Master Paints.

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