Grand finale of UBL 10th Shah Rafi Alam Polo Cup 2023 today (Sunday)

Grand finale of UBL 10th Shah Rafi Alam Polo Cup 2023 today (Sunday)

TTS Report :

The grand finale of the United Bank Limited-sponsored 10th Shah Rafi Alam Polo Cup 2023 is set to take place at the historic Lahore Polo Club ground today (Sunday), with a thrilling match between FG/Din Polo and Remounts scheduled for 2:30 PM.

Amid the excitement surrounding this grand event, Mrs. Tamiz Alam, the esteemed chief guest, will grace the final with her presence. Additionally, dignitaries from United Bank Limited and numerous other prominent figures are expected to attend, adding to the event’s grandeur.

Feroze Gulzar, an executive committee member of the Lahore Polo Club, expressed his heartfelt appreciation to United Bank Limited for their generous sponsorship of this tournament. He stated: “Before the main final, a subsidiary final will take place between Diamond Paints and DS/Sheikhoo. The day’s festivities will also include a classic car parade and an archery competition leading up to the highly-anticipated main final, where FG/Din Polo will lock horns with Remounts.”

Feroze Gulzar further said: “The FG/Din Polo team boasts a talented lineup consisting of Mian Abbas Mukhtar, Farhad Shaikh, Mumtaz Abbas Niazi, and Juan Cruz Greguol. In contrast, Team Remounts features skilled players including Shahid Imran, Swr Muhammad Naeem, Sqn/Ldr Hamza Iqbal, and Abelenda.”

The main as well as subsidiary finals promise to be a thrilling display of polo expertise and are set to leave the audience on the edge of their seats here at the historic ground of Lahore Polo Club.

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