42nd Punjab Open Golf Championship from today


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The 42nd Punjab Open Golf Championship 2024 will be contested at the par 72 Lahore Garrison Greens Golf Course from January 24 to 28, 2024.

Endorsed by Punjab Golf Association (PGA), this annual championship will decide the Punjab Open Champion for the year 2024 and competing for honors and gainful cash prizes will be the 100 eligible golf professionals of the national golf circuit of Pakistan. These golf professionals represent the finest flag bearers of the national golf scene and when they compete, the all-round display of golf playing skills are alluringly marvelous and only the consummate ones are likely to succeed in achieving cardinal positions and rewarding cash prizes.

While the segment for Professionals is of paramount importance, such a championship also has events for Senior Professionals above 50 years of age, junior professionals, 21 years and below, proficient golf playing amateurs having handicap 9 and below and senior amateurs above 55 years of age. Also included is an event for dexterous ladies.

In recent contests, our leading golf professionals have upped the prowess levels and are playing in the realm of international standards. For these champions, playing a game of ‘under par’ has become a usual happening. This is attributable to a tremendous improvement in application of golfing skills, much better golf course conditions, regular golf competitions and also excellent golf playing equipment. But certainly, the ability to act mentally strong under competitive and challenging conditions is a feature that comes with experience. We are confident that the top ranked players will give ample demonstration of that during the competition days.

Golf Champions of merit and worthiness taking part in this championship include names like Professional Shabbir Iqbal of Islamabad (ranked number one), Ahmed Baig of Royal Palm (ranked number two) and Muhammad Shahzad of Lahore Garrison Greens (ranked number three). These three have an imposing presence during the flow of title bearing championships like the Punjab Open whereas forcefully trying to unsettle them are avid and enthusiastic professional players like Muhammed Munir (Rawalpindi), Muhammed Minhaj Maqsood (Rawalpindi), Waheed Baloch (Karachi), Matloob Ahmed (Lahore Garrison), Muhammed Zubair (Karachi Golf Club), Muhammed Ashfaq (Airmen Golf Club) and Muhammed Alam (Lahore Garrison).

As for prominent amateurs, the race for excellence revolves around Qasim Ali Khan, Salmman Jehangir, Saad Habib Malik, Nauman Ilyas, Omar Khalid, Muhammed Shoaib, Arsalan Shikoh Khan, Muhammed Arsalan and Syed Saim Shazli. All of them have the capacity to dazzle with their brilliance in application of golfing skills.

Prize Money at stake is Rupees Five Million and top forty golf professionals will be earning their share as per tariff laid down and accepted universally. Adequate work has been done to prepare the par-72, Lahore Garrison Greens Golf Course for this prime occasion. The fairways just look spectacular and the greens true and fast. Even though most of the champions are well acquainted with the playing conditions, yet they have to put in their best to meet the challenge and score well.

Opening Ceremony will be held on Wednesday, 24th January at 900 hrs. Maj Gen Shoaib Bin Akram, GOC 10 Div will hit the opening shot and thereafter the senior professionals, the junior professionals and ladies will tee off, seeking honors and merited positions.


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