PFF Elections take stride forward as scrutiny of 109 Districts completed


TTS report :

The Pakistan Football Federation election process is currently underway, with achieving a significant milestone of completion of the District Championship in 109 districts with 33 districts left to host the District Championship for scrutiny.

In the past week, teams from various districts engaged in 61 matches at seven different venues as part of the All Pakistan District Championship (APDC). This brought the total number of matches in the first round of APDC to 1,769. Importantly, these matches also served as the physical scrutiny process for the PFF elections, ensuring that legitimate and actively participating clubs are granted voting rights.

So far, scrutiny has been completed for 22 districts in the Sindh region, 34 in Punjab, 21 in KP, 1 in GB, 22 in Balochistan and 8 in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. This progress highlights the commitment to transparency and fairness in the Pakistan Football Federation election process.

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