Eight Pakistani Referees earn a place in FIFA Referees List 2024


FIFA has released a referee list for the year 2024 showcasing the significant presence of Pakistan, featuring a total of eight Referees. Seven out of the eight Referees are retaining their positions from the previous years, showcasing their consistent performance. Notably, Ihsan Ahmad is a fresh addition to the lineup.

Irshad Ul Haq, who started in 2012 will continue as a Referee, along with Adnan Anjum and Muzammal Hussain. Among the Assistant Referees, Tahir Hussain, Mehboob Ali, Azam Ali and Muhammad Ali have been retrained. Muhammad Ali has also been featured in the AFC Elite Panel since 2014. Ihsan Ahmad is set to make his first appearance in the incumbent year.

This year, all these referees and assistant referees are poised to make their mark on the international football stage, representing Pakistan with their officiating skills.



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