The ICC T20 World Cup 2024 finalised schedule in its initial form


Along with Ireland, Canada, and the United States, Pakistan and India are members of the same group.

KARACHI: Pakistan and India are placed in the same group according to the preliminary schedule for the ICC T20 World Cup this year.

Twenty teams will compete in the tournament, which is scheduled to take place in the United States and the West Indies from June 4 to June 30.

The twenty teams are split up into four groups for the first round.

Pakistan and India are reportedly in the same group as Ireland, Canada, and the host country, the United States.

That being said, most of Pakistan’s group’s first-round matches are scheduled to take place in the United States.

Pakistan’s first game against the United States is scheduled for June 6. Then, on June 9, there will be the eagerly awaited match between archrivals India and Pakistan in New York.

The first round matchup with Ireland is set for June 16 in Florida; the match between Pakistan and Canada is scheduled for June 11 in New York.

The top two teams from each of the four groups will advance to the Super Eight round, where they will be split into two groups, after the first round.

The sources claim that the cricket boards and the broadcasters have received the schedule from the ICC for their review and approval, and that the final schedule will be made public shortly.

According to sources, the possibility of moving the Pakistan-India match to an earlier date may arise from the timing of the match and the time zones that separate the USA and the subcontinent.

It should be noted that because New York is ten hours ahead of Pakistan in terms of time, the afternoon match in New York would actually take place in the middle of the night there.

To avoid having an impact on its viewership, the match might be rescheduled for June 8.


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