The 4th Inverex Trophy Basketball 3×3 Competition is about to begin.


LAHORE – At the International Abdul Nasir Basketball Court in Arambagh, Karachi, the 4th Inverex Trophy Basketball 3×3 Tournament got underway.

The competition was officially opened by Inver­ex Director Saud Ahmed during a vibrant opening ceremony. The Karachi Basketball Association has granted permission for the event, which is being held under the sponsorship of Muhammad Iqbal Memon, Additional Secretary Interior, Government of Sindh, Firdous Ittihad, and Usman Basketball Club.

This time around, prominent businessman Asif Gulfam, Shamsi Academy chairman Khalid Jameel Shamsi, President Ghulam Muhammad Khan of the KBBA, and other individuals were in attendance. On the first day, nine matches were decided. Nishtar Club won the first game 10-6 against Karachi Youth Club; Nett Dumpers won the second game 9-2; United Club won the third game 8-4; Usman Club won the fourth game 9-2; KBB Club won the fifth game 18-10 against Karachi Youth; Usman Club won the sixth game 8-5 against Nett Papers Club; Arambagh Club won the seventh game 12-4; KBB Club won the eighth game 20-12 against Nishtar Club; and in the ninth game

In these matches, Andre Turner, Har Abbas, Lenin, Zenon, Ghazan­far Khan, Daniyal Marwat, Mustafa ul Haq, Hamza Khawaja, Ahmed Ali, Zayed Ashraf, M Abdullah Khan, Abdul Samad, Hasan Ali and Abdullah Haroon showed the best game. In the matches, M Ashraf, Amir Sharif, Zahid Malik acted as referees while Naeem Ahmed, Zavalafiqar Abbas Khan, Muzamil Hussain Khan performed the du­ties of technical officials.

Along with Assistant Commissioner Mominabad District West Sufyan Babar, Zubair Bhashani, CEO of Bhashani Suites House, gave Quaid-i-Azam birthday cakes to the players and organisers during the match’s opening ceremony.


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