Pakistan’s baseball team climbs significantly in the world rankings


LAHORE – The Pakistani baseball team is still doing well; the most recent ranking update shows them jumping an amazing 11 spots to take the 38th spot in the WBSC/KONAMI Men’s Baseball World Rankings.

Pakistan Federation Baseball (PFB) President Syed Fakhar Ali Shah said on Tuesday, “This achievement fol­lows our fifth-place finish in the recently-held XXX BFA Asian Champion­ship, showcasing the extraordinary talent and dedication of our players.”

He expressed his gratitude to the country and baseball fans for their unwavering support and faith in the national team in a statement. “This achievement would not have been possible without your constant support. This accomplishment shows how much baseball has to offer in Pakistan,” he stated.

“We want to propel our team even further with continued support and investment, including the idea for a dedicated baseball stadium. I really think Pakistan Federation Baseball will become an Olympic powerhouse in the future given the correct resources. Together, let’s commemorate this achievement and work to create a better future for baseball in Pakistan,” he continued.

Japan, the Olympic champions, continued to hold the top spot in the interim. After winning the Asian Championship, Japan’s total points increased by 225 to 5,797. The WBSC U-15 Baseball World Cup Oceania Qualification results are also included in the ranking update. The US (4,492) was ranked third, and Mexico (4,764) was ranked second among the top 26 men’s baseball programmes.


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