The Olympic Solidarity WABC Level-I Coaching Course will be hosted by PBBF.


LAHORE: The Government College University in Lahore will host the Olympic Solidarity WABC Level-I Coaching Course from December 11 to December 16, 2023, according to a statement released by the Pakistan Basketball Federation (PBBF).

As per FIBA Coaching Instructor Secretary General PBBF Khalid Bashir, Milan Kotarac of Serbia is eager to conduct a six-day coaching course under the auspices of FIBA. In-depth theoretical and practical knowledge will be imparted to fifteen coaches—a mix of male and female participants—during morning and evening sessions. The Pakistan Basketball Team’s head coach, Muhammad Riaz Malik, Ouj-e-Zahoor, associate secretary of the PBBF, and course coordinator, Muhammad Sami, will support Kotarac.

Khalid Bashir emphasised the value of keeping up with the most recent basketball regulations and the coaching community’s contribution to the sport’s expansion in Pakistan. The international basketball governing body has issued guidelines, and the FIBA Instructor will update participants’ knowledge and cover the most recent rules in accordance with those guidelines.

This programme is an expression of PBBF’s dedication to equipping coaches with state-of-the-art knowledge and abilities so they can be critical in developing the nation’s future crop of basketball players. The federation reaffirms its commitment to promoting excellence and innovation within the basketball coaching fraternity by offering this educational opportunity.


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