Diamond Paints set to face Remounts in Patrons Aibak Polo Cup Final

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TTS Report :

The stage is set for a riveting showdown as Diamond Paints prepares to clash with Remounts in the Patrons 47th Aibak Polo Cup 2023 final here at Lahore Polo Club ground on tomorrow (Sunday).

Reflecting on the journey of the tournament, Lahore Polo Club President Malik Azam Hayat Noon expressed, “Top eight teams participated in this two-week competition, and after fierce battles, Diamond Paints and Remounts have earned their spots in the main final. Tomorrow’s match promises enthralling and exciting polo, and I hope the spirited Lahoris will come out in good numbers to savor the exhilarating final.”

The finalists bring a combination of skill and talent to the field. Team Diamond Paints consists of Mir Shoaib Ahmed, Mir Huzaifa Ahmed, Saqib Khan Khakwani, and Raja Temur Nadeem. On the other side, Team Remounts comprises Imran Shahid, M Nameem, Omer Asjad Malhi and Lao Abelanda.

Prior to the main final, professional tent pegging players will showcase their brilliance in a tent pegging show, adding to the excitement for spectators. The show will be followed by the main final at 3:00 PM. In addition, the subsidiary final between Pebble Breaker and Newage Cables/Master Paints is scheduled for 1:00 PM.

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