The Frozen Kingdom mode in PUBG Mobile 2.9 is explained.


Tencent Games released a 2.9 update for PUBG Mobile on November 9, 2023, following the success of patch 2.8. It is the year’s final update, and it is based on the Frozen Kingdom theme, which celebrates the ongoing in-game Frost Festival. The latest patch, as the name suggests, complements the winter season and has engrossed countless players worldwide with its immersive gameplay and visuals.

The Frozen Kingdom mode in PUBG Mobile went live on November 7, 2023, and will end on January 7, 2024. It is available on the maps Erangel, Livik, and Vikendi. The following are some of the mode’s many features:

1) Snowy Village: Snowy Village is the center of attraction in the Frozen Kingdom mode. The location is clad in a thick layer of snow and offers an abundance of hidden treasures. As a result of the latter, the location has become a hot drop in the game’s maps.Snowy Village features an Ice Tower built in a two-story design. It also has a Lucky Ice Tower Bell, and those who ring it first will receive a supply crate yielding many exclusive in-match rewards.Besides these, the location features a Snow Rail that interconnects the entire village, allowing players to travel across its various spots without hassle.

2) Vehicles: The PUBG Mobile’s Frozen Kingdom mode also offers Snowboards. This portable one-person vehicle helps players easily travel in the map’s snowy terrains.Another unique transportation option the mode offers is the new Reindeer Vehicle, which is a two-seater vehicle that travels you swiftly across the map. It can also jump over various obstacles, buying you extra time.

3) Snow Blaster : As the cherry on top, the mode also offers a Snow Blaster weapon that fires snowballs and can transform your foes into a snowman. It’s the only usable weapon while on the Snow Rail.The Snow Blasters can also be used to create cover when in a fight. Furthermore, you can turn yourself into a snowman with these weapons to confuse enemies and make an ambush. When in low ammo, you can reload the weapon by creating more snowballs in a snowy terrain.

4) Lucky Ice : While exploring the Snowy Village, you will come across Lucky Ice that yields various exclusive rewards when shattered with melee weapons.

5) Lucky Snowman : Lucky Snowman is available all over the map in this mode. Help it find its four lost toddlers, and you’ll be rewarded with various in-match rewards, such as equipment and medkits.

6) Snow Blast Zone : Unlike the normal mode’s Red Zones, which include random bombardings on the battleground, the PUBG Mobile’s Frozen Kingdom’s Snow Blast zone features random bombarding of giant snowballs. You’ll turn into a snowman if hit by these.


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