Bushra Fatima clinches ladies’ title at 5th Wapda Amateur Golf

Bushra Fatima clinches ladies' title at 5th Wapda Amateur Golf

TTS Reporter

Young talent Bushra Fatima secured the top position in the ladies’ category of the 5th Wapda Amateur Golf Championship 2023 held at the Royal Palm Golf and Country Club on Thursday.

The ladies event concluded on Thursday with Bushra Fatima’s (handicap 6) stellar performance leaving an indelible mark. Bushra’s remarkable golfing skills shone through as she clinched victory with scores of 81 and 78, accumulating a total of 159. Her five-stroke lead over the second-place holder, Zeb un Nisa, who scored 169, and the third-place finisher Shabana Waheed with a score of 196, underscored Bushra’s dominance on the course.

Notably, in 2021, thirteen-year-old Bushra Fatima demonstrated exceptional progress by significantly lowering her handicap from 36 to 9 within just one year.

In the ladies’ net category, Ana James Gill exhibited tenacity, securing the top position with a net score of 146, playing three strokes under her handicap. Minaa Zainab secured the second position with a net score of 148, while newcomer Saqiba Batook claimed the third position with a net score of 149.

The men’s seniors event witnessed Abdul Rauf Ali of Royal Palm securing the first gross position with a score of 160 strokes on his home ground. Asim Tiwana, also from Royal Palm, secured the second gross position with 164 strokes, while Tariq Usman from PAF Skyview claimed the third gross position with a score of 165.

The amateurs took to the course on the first day, engaging in fierce competition over 54 holes in the three-day event. Among the standout performers were Qasim Khan and Sam Latif, both playing PAR rounds of 72, currently sharing the apex spot. Hussain Hamid, playing on his home course, delivered a strong performance with a score of 73. The other notables are five and more strokes aways, hoping for better results on the second day.

It is worth mentioning, Munazza Shaheen, TARS Qualified, is the Chief Referee for the Championship. She has the singular honour in Pakistan to qualify in the latest 2023 Rules, from St. Andrews, UK. “Ms. Munazza was vigilante on the Course, giving rulings that were by the book, without dispute. Living up to her high qualification,” Mr. Shahid Javed, the Tournament Director, stated with pride.

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