Pebble Breaker and Platinum Homes triumph in Lipton Polo Cup 2023


TTS Reporter :

The Lipton Polo Cup 2023 witnessed intense action as Pebble Breaker and Platinum Homes secured victories in matches played at the historic Lahore Polo Club.

These thrilling encounters drew a considerable audience, with polo enthusiasts and families turning out in large numbers. Among the spectators were distinguished figures such as Lahore Polo Club President Azam Hayat Noon and executive committee members.

In the day’s opening match, Pebble Breaker demonstrated their mettle by defeating National Cotton with a score of 7-5½. Bilal Haye led the charge, delivering an impressive five goals, while Ibrahim Haye and Ahmed Ali Tiwana contributed one goal each. National Cotton, with a one and a half goal handicap advantage, saw Chaudhry Hayat Mehmood scoring four goals.

In the second match, Platinum Homes exhibited their prowess with a victory over Arktis Endurance, concluding with a score of 7-5½. Maj Adil Rao was instrumental in this triumph, showcasing his skill with four goals, while Malik Atif Yar Tiwana added two goals, and Azam Hayat Noon secured one for Platinum Homes. On the opposing side, Arktis Endurance, with a one and a half goal handicap advantage, witnessed Omar Asjad Malhi scoring three goals, and Ibrahim Ali Siddiqui adding one.

The excitement continues with a highly anticipated face-off between Lahore Polo Club and Lexington Polo Club on Wednesday at 3:30 pm. The Lahore Polo Club team comprises Qadeer Ashfaq, Faisal Shahzad, Alman Jalil Azam, and Taimur Mawaz Khan, while the Lexington Polo Club team includes Jorge Antonio Vasquez, William G Boland, Michael Lawrence Frank, and Carter Robert Carnegie.

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