Monthly Medal Match of Ace Junior Golf League takes place today

Monthly Medal Match of Ace Junior Golf League takes place today
Monthly Medal Match of Ace Junior Golf League takes place today

TTS Report :

The Monthly Medal Match of the Ace Junior Golf League will take place today (Saturday) here at the Lahore Gymkhana golf course.
A press conference in this regard was held at Lahore Gymkhana, featuring key figures such as Dr. Asma Afzal Shami, Patron and Chairperson Board of Directors of AJGL, Munazza Shaheen, President of AJGL, Bela Azam, the Lady Golf Captain and Mr. Shaukat Javed, Convener Golf Lahore Gymkhana.
Dr. Shami stated that the inaugural event saw a participation of almost hundred junior players in Lahore and 80 junior players in Rawalpindi.
Emphasizing the significance of the Monthly Medal, she revealed that this event will be a recurring monthly fixture. She said similar events will be held in Islamabad, Peshawar and Karachi to identify and nurture golf talent, with the ultimate goal of preparing players for both national and international circuits. Highlighting AJGL’s commitment to talent development, Dr. Shami announced plans to select and train at least four non-member players.
Munazza Shaheen, President of AJGL, shared the league’s mission of introducing young players at grassroot level and eliminating handicaps to ensure they are ready for competitive golf. She underscored the league’s ambition to cultivate a golf culture starting from the age of 6 and continuing up to 21.
The league plans to identify standout performers within the 6 to 8-year-old category, paving their way to an annual event. A comprehensive curriculum will be introduced, encompassing not only technical skills but also mental psychology training to prepare players for international competitions. Seminars will be organized to enrich their knowledge.
Munazza Shaheen also revealed that a dedicated website is being developed, enabling young players to monitor their rankings and foster a sense of professionalism. As players improve their ranks through medal matches, they will earn qualification for annual events. The league’s ultimate goal is to unearth Pakistan’s finest golf talent through this structured approach.
Convenor Mr. Shoukat Javed highly appreciated Dr Shami’s innovative idea of organizing Month Medal Matches of AJGL that will eventually benefit golf in Pakistan.
He highlighted the league’s recent successes and its transition to hosting monthly medallion events. He encouraged all participants to embrace the opportunities AJGL offers and highlighted the fact that the AJGL will prove to be he nursery for golf in Pakistan.
Dr. Asma Shami stressed upon her vision of linking the missing link and concluded the conference by rallying everyone to, ‘Let’s swing to Excel’.

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