Pakistan beat Thailand to earn semis slot in Asian U16 Championship

Pakistan beat Thailand to earn semis slot in Asian U16 Championship

Kashif Abdul Razzaq

The Pakistan Under-16 volleyball team exhibited a stunning performance, triumphing over Thailand and securing a well-deserved place in the semifinals of the 1st Asian U16 Volleyball Championship in Uzbekistan on Thursday.
The young Pakistani athletes showcased exceptional skills and determination, achieving a remarkable 3-0 victory against Thailand. The spirit and agility displayed on the court were clear indicators of the immense talent and potential possessed by the rising stars of Pakistan’s volleyball.
Chairman of PVF, Muhammad Yaqoob, lauded the U16 team, highlighting their unwavering commitment and hard work that enabled them to overcome a formidable opponent like Thailand. He expressed his delight at the team’s achievement and exuded confidence in their ability to excel in the forthcoming matches.
President of PVF, Sohail Khawar Mir, extended his warmest congratulations to the victorious athletes, praising their extraordinary teamwork and skill set. Mir attributed their success to the relentless efforts of the coaching staff and the players’ undying spirit, which showcased resilience and a never-give-up attitude throughout the match.
Naseer Ahmed, Associate Secretary and former Captain of Pakistan volleyball team, appreciated the young players and announced a reward of Rs1,00,000 for the team. Under the able leadership of their coach, the Pakistani team has been displaying exceptional teamwork, resilience, and technical expertise, making the nation proud with their remarkable performance in the championship thus far.
With this recent victory, the U16 team has raised expectations for future volleyball tournaments. The PVF remains dedicated to nurturing and promoting volleyball at various age levels, providing a platform for young athletes to develop their skills and achieve their dreams.
Both Chairman Ch Muhammad Yaqoob and President Sohail Khawar Mir reiterated their commitment to supporting the team and ensuring they receive the best training facilities and resources to unleash their full potential.
As the journey continues for Pakistan’s U16 Volleyball Team in the Asian U16 Volleyball Championship, the entire nation eagerly awaits their upcoming semifinal clash with bated breath. With their exceptional talent and unwavering determination, Pakistan’s young players have the potential to bring home the championship title and elevate their country’s position at the forefront of Asian volleyball.


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