PCB head Zaka Ashraf congratulates victorious Pakistan team

PCB head Zaka Ashraf congratulates victorious Pakistan team

Kashif Abdul Razzaq

Chairman of PCB Management Committee Zaka Ashraf praised and congratulated the Pakistan cricket team for their outstanding performance in the World Test Championship.
Captain Babar Azam and the entire team were lauded for their exceptional efforts on the field, bringing glory to the nation. The Pakistan cricket team’s journey in the World Test Championship commenced with a resounding display of skill and determination, earning them a brilliant start in the prestigious tournament, said Zaka.
“The triumph against Sri Lanka stands as a testament to the relentless hard work and remarkable team spirit exhibited by our players,” remarked Zaka Ashraf, emphasizing the dedication and unity that propelled the team to victory.
Throughout both Test matches, the Pakistani players showcased their absolute best, leaving no doubt about their proficiency and commitment to the game, acknowledged the PCB head. Anticipation now rises, as this remarkable win is sure to inject new vigor and motivation into the team ahead of the upcoming Asia Cup and World Cup, Zaka Ashraf expressed confidently.


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