PSB switches gear: Kabaddi takes stage of Pak-Jordan encounter


Pakistan is gearing up to host Jordan in the FIFA World Cup Qualifier Round 2 on March 21st at Jinnah Stadium in Islamabad. However, all the hard work put in by the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) might be wasted.

The stadium, which falls under the Pakistan Sports domain, is currently being used for a Kabadi match, which could seriously damage the pitch. It’s disheartening to note that Pakistan has never had its dedicated football stadium. Despite this setback, the PFF has been striving to make matches happen. Over the past two years, Pakistan has seen a surge in match activity, something unprecedented in the past.

Notably, Pakistan successfully hosted matches against Cambodia in October and Tajikistan in November 2023 at Jinnah Stadium, with a significant turnout of fans. This achievement was made possible through the combined efforts of the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) and the PFF. However, there are glaring issues that need addressing, particularly regarding the PSB’s role. Despite the PFF’s efforts, the PSB failed to meet crucial requirements, such as installing lights and chairs.

Now, with the Kabadi match taking precedence over the FIFA World Cup Qualifier, the integrity of the pitch is at risk. It raises serious questions about the PSB’s commitment to hosting the Pakistan-Jordan match. Their negligence or lack of seriousness in addressing these issues is evident. This not only undermines the efforts of the PFF but also reflects poorly on Pakistan’s ability to organize international football events.


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