World Bank delegation visit GCU Lahore

GC University Lahore

A delegation from the World Bank, led by Senior Economist Ms. Inga Afanasieve and Education Specialist Ms. Tashmina Rahman, has visited the GC University Lahore along with the Higher Education Development Project (HEDP) team led by their project Director Dr. Mahmood Ul Hassan Butt.

The delegation engaged in discussions with the university officials, including Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Adnan Ahmad, Prof. Dr. Hamid Mukhtar, Director of the Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC), and Dr. Fouzia Shaheen, Director of Academic Planning & External Linkages (AP&EL).

The world bank and HEDP teams were briefed regarding the operations of GCU’s administrative and academic departments, the implementation of the revised Undergraduate Education Policy (UGP), student internship support mechanisms, and the role of HEDP in promoting academic reforms.

The team also reviewed the establishment of the QECAC Unit at GCU, its collaborative efforts with affiliated colleges, and the QEC’s role in these institutions, emphasizing self-assessment exercises, UGP implementation, and accreditation processes. The visit concluded with the Vice Chancellor presenting souvenirs to the World Bank and HEDP representatives.

Subsequently, the delegation visited MAO College Lahore, an affiliated college of GCU, where they met with faculty, senior management, and students engaged in programs under the revised UG Policy.

Prof. Dr. Hamid Mukhtar said that the visit was highly successful, as the World Bank-HEDP team expressing satisfaction with GCU’s administrative functions and the adoption of new educational reforms.


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