4th Jinnah Gold Polo Cup sponsored by Sarsabz: Two matches contested

Jinnah Gold Polo Cup

TTS Report :

The Jinnah Gold Polo Cup, proudly sponsored by Sarsabz, witnessed two riveting matches on its second day at the Jinnah Polo Fields.The tournament’s intensity was palpable as teams from Pool A, FG Polo and DS Polo, locked horns in a high-stakes match that ended in a dramatic 5-5 draw, while Olympia/AZB Polo narrowly edged out Master Paints/Diamond Paints with a 5-4 victory.

The clash between FG Polo and DS Polo was a showcase of skill and resilience. DS Polo, with Max Charlton leading the charge by netting three goals and Nico Roberts adding two, initially dominated the game. Their early strategy paid off, securing a 3-0 lead by the second chukker and extending it to 5-0 in the third.

However, FG Polo, driven by Raul Laplacette’s hat-trick and a goal from Mario Gomez, mounted a remarkable comeback. Scoring two quick goals to close the third chukker and adding three more in the final chukker, they levelled the score to 5-5, turning the match into an unforgettable draw.

In the day’s second match, Olympia/AZB Polo faced off against Master Paints/Diamond Paints in a closely contested battle. The team, led by the duo of Novello Astrada and Nicolas Corti who scored two goals each, along with a single goal from Ahmed Zubair Butt, showcased exceptional teamwork. Despite Amirreza Behboudi’s two-goal effort for Master Paints/Diamond Paints and their two-goal handicap advantage, Olympia/AZB Polo’s strategic plays in the final chukker secured them a slender 5-4 win.

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