Intervarsity Women’s Cycling Championship Concludes at Kinnaird with Grand Ceremony

Intervarsity Women's Cycling Championship Concludes at Kinnaird with Grand Ceremony

TTS Report

The exhilarating Women’s Cycling Championship, hosted for the first time at Kinnaird, concluded on January 20, 2024, with a spectacular closing ceremony at the Eric Messy Auditorium. The event marked a significant milestone in the promotion of women’s sports in the region.

Punjab University emerged triumphantly as the championship winners, showcasing exceptional talent and determination. Superior University claimed the runner-up position, while Lahore College proudly secured the third spot. The championship highlighted the burgeoning talent and competitive spirit among the women cyclists of Pakistan.The closing ceremony was graced by the esteemed presence of Prof. Dr. Rukhsana David, Principal, as the chief guest, alongside Prof. Dr. Ghazala Yaqoob, Vice Principal. Directors of Sports from various universities also attended, witnessing the celebration of female athleticism and sportsmanship.

In a grand display of appreciation and encouragement, the winners were honored with cash awards, medals, and trophies, acknowledging their hard work, dedication, and exceptional performance.
Organizing Secretary of this landmark event, Ammara Rubab said that it is with immense pride and joy that I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all participants, supporters, and staff who made this championship a resounding success. Hosting the Women’s Cycling Championship for the very first time at Kinnaird was not just an event; it was a bold statement in support of women’s sports and empowerment. The overwhelming enthusiasm and competitive spirit displayed by all the teams have set a new benchmark in the field. This event stands as a testament to our commitment to nurturing and promoting women’s sports. We are inspired by the athletes’ dedication and look forward to hosting more such events, contributing to the growth and recognition of women’s sports at both national and international levels.”


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