Col (R) Asif Dar criticises recent PTF AGM, calls for prompt elections

Col (R) Asif Dar criticises recent PTF AGM, calls for prompt elections

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Former Secretary General of Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) Col (R) Asif Dar has criticized the federation’s recent Annual General Meeting (AGM), calling for immediate elections to rectify the situation. In an exclusive conversation with The Nation, Col Dar criticized the nomenclature of the meeting, saying, “First of all, the PTF Annual General Meeting has been wrongly mentioned as the AGM because it was held after two years, so the PTF should have wisely mentioned it as ‘Biennial General Meeting’ instead of Annual General Meeting.”

During the AGM, accolades were given to the PTF President and the team for their efforts in persuading India to participate in Pakistan. The former PTF official expressed skepticism about considering the retention of Davis Cup holding rights against India as a victory, pointing out, “If retaining Davis Cup holding right against India is a victory of the PTF, then the federation should also accept that surrendering holding rights against India in 2019 and venue was their defeat. Not only that surrendering holding rights against about six countries during over nine years self-extended tenure was victory, defeat or what.”

Addressing the issue of pending elections, the PTF President informed the house about the federation’s request to the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) and Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) for a NOC to conduct elections promptly. Col Dar dismissed this claim, saying, “What a joke? The PTF elections are due since November 2022, so the letter should have been written much earlier than the due date. Writing letters after over one year of unconstitutional self-extended tenure is nothing but a flimsy excuse.

“Interestingly, hockey, golf, and some other federations conducted their elections on due dates, and the POA and the PSB didn’t stop them. Is it only the PTF that needs NOC from the POA and the PSB, or is it another move to remain leeching with the seats,” he questioned.

He went on to suggest that the aging PTF president might be misguided by a group of self-seekers providing misleading reports. Col Dar added, “In my opinion, Pakistani fabricated juniors created a world record of receiving love sets in U14 World Group, ending last, when the PTF failed to get visas for genuine players, who took Pakistan to the World Group after crossing several hurdles. “Add to it, laughable showing by men and women teams with dozens of love sets in the recently held Asian Games to show the actual face of PTF performance,” he concluded.

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