Naseem Shah Shines, but Noman Ali’s Unsung Heroics Propel Pakistan to Victory

Naseem Shah Shines, but Noman Ali's Unsung Heroics Propel Pakistan to Victory

Kashif Abdul Razzaq – Karachi

Noman Ali’s Exceptional Bowling in Second Test Against Sri Lanka Goes Unnoticed

In the recent second Test match against Sri Lanka, Noman Ali showcased his exceptional bowling skills, impressively claiming 7 wickets for 70 runs. Despite his outstanding performance, Noman remains a modest and unassuming figure in Pakistan cricket, often overlooked and underappreciated by fans. His identity as a left-arm spinner and mature understanding of his role and limitations have kept him away from the spotlight. On the contrary, the young and talented fast bowler, Naseem Shah, has garnered immense attention and adoration from cricket enthusiasts due to his boyish good looks, blistering pace, and undeniable potential.

Noman’s cricketing journey has been characterized by selfless contributions, always stepping up to fulfill various roles as needed by the team. He has tirelessly bowled on challenging and unresponsive pitches, yet his efforts have received little recognition. Notably, his delivery that dismissed Nishan Madushka during the recent Test match was truly sensational, surprising both the batsman and the spectators. Unfortunately, Noman’s consistent excellence has often been overshadowed by the flashier performances of others in the past.

Throughout the Test match, Noman’s exceptional bowling continued to contribute to Pakistan’s success, while Naseem displayed remarkable skills despite not taking any wickets. Naseem faced disappointment when Hawkeye denied him well-deserved wickets due to excessive reverse swing, but he persevered with exceptional control and determination. Eventually, Naseem managed to wrap up the innings, taking three quick wickets.

As the match concluded, the cameras captured the team’s camaraderie and celebrations. While Naseem received rightful praise for his performance, Noman, the unsung hero, quietly led the team off the field with little fanfare. Nevertheless, his figures of 7 for 70 stand as a testament to his skill and invaluable contribution to the team’s victory. Slow left-arm spin might not be as glamorous as pace bowling, but Noman’s extraordinary figures showcased his true value in the game. In fact, he achieved figures that only one visiting cricketer had ever accomplished in an innings in Sri Lanka.

As Noman Ali gracefully retreated from the spotlight, it became evident that his contributions were just as rare and remarkable as winning a Nobel Prize. Despite the lack of recognition, Noman’s unwavering dedication and exceptional performance make him an indispensable asset to Pakistan’s cricketing endeavors


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