PFF organises Safeguarding Workshop in Lahore

PFF organises Safeguarding Workshop in Lahore
PFF organises Safeguarding Workshop in Lahore


The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) has organized an important safeguarding workshop at the Young Ravi Football Club in Lahore, with Safeguarding Officer Arooj Sohail overseeing the event on Thursday.

The workshop focused on crucial topics such as child protection, neglect, and exploitation, aiming to equip participants with knowledge and strategies to effectively address and overcome these challenging situations. Throughout the session, the attendees had the opportunity to raise questions and receive valuable insights from the workshop facilitators.

Emphasizing the significance of safeguarding, Arooj Sohail expressed her views, stating that safeguarding measures and raising awareness about them are of utmost importance, particularly for underage players. “Such workshops are designed to make our players aware of the basic and necessary things, they ought to learn and act upon. Hopefully, we will continue to make them aware with such workshops in the future.”


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