Mikaeel wins triple crown in US Tennis Championships


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Over the past four weeks, Pakistan’s young talented tennis player Mikaeel Ali Baig has emerged victorious in three consecutive U.S.T.A Tournaments held in Florida, USA. His remarkable achievements include winning two Under-16 championships and one Under-14 championship.

Earlier this year, Mikaeel showcased his talent by clinching the triple crown twice in the National Championships in Pakistan. He further solidified his skills by securing two gold, one silver, and one bronze titles in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Following his return to the USA from Tajikistan, Mikaeel competed and triumphed in the U-16 singles championship.

Just a week ago, he displayed his prowess in the U-14 singles championship and, earlier this week, he secured victory in the U-16 championship once again. Additionally, Mikaeel showcased his talent at the Rick Macci Battle of Boca UTR Tournament in May.

Recognizing the dedication required to excel in tennis, Mikaeel committed himself to an intense six-week training plan devised by his father, Shahbaz Ali Baig, upon returning from Tajikistan. Mikaeel acknowledged that while he is accustomed to rigorous training, this particular six-week block focused on enhancing speed, strength, and technique. To diversify his training, Mikaeel’s father incorporated activities like boxing and basketball, which contributed to his hand-eye coordination, intensity, and explosiveness.

With his sights set on playing in the Davis Cup for Pakistan by the age of 16, Mikaeel shared the goal bestowed upon him by Aqeel Khan, who recognized his exceptional performance earlier this year. Despite the challenges posed by the lack of major sponsorships, public relations support, or personal connections, Mikaeel remains determined to prove himself in Pakistan.

He understands that he must strive for excellence threefold, as advised by Coach Rashid Malik, so that no politics or corruption can hinder his progress. Mikaeel hopes that the Pakistan Tennis Federation will acknowledge his efforts and provide him with the opportunity to represent his country in the Junior team. Looking ahead, Mikaeel has a series of upcoming tournaments in Asia, where he aims to continue his winning streak.

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