PFF Elections process to kick off from 27th May



Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Normalisation Committee (NC) is set to embark on the PFF election process from 27th May, in strict accordance with the PFF Constitution. With a focus on transparency and fairness, the process will initiate with club scrutiny through club-level competitions beginning at 6 selected districts simultaneously. The clubs will be provided support from PFF to fulfill all the constitutional requirements.

The announcement was made by the PFF NC following the successful completion of the club registration drive facilitated by the Pakistan Football Connect (PFC). The FIFA Normalisation Committee (NC) for PFF has stated that FIFA and AFC are onboard to carry out the election process which will be open for monitoring through the Pakistan Football Connect platform and otherwise.

The election process will be initiated from Hyderabad, Nankana, Badin, Hafizabad, Qila Abdullah and Chitral, where registered clubs will participate in the District level competitions from 27th May 2023. Soon after, subject to the political situation of the country, the scope of scrutiny will expand to encompass other districts nationwide. The PFF will conduct a press briefing to provide complete details on the PFF election process to the media.

Chairman Haroon Malik expressed his satisfaction in announcing the commencement of the election process, acknowledging the persistent challenges encountered by the committee since assuming office. Despite these hurdles, the committee has been steadfast in its efforts to overcome obstacles and restore stability to the PFF.

The Federation has faced turmoil since 2015, leading to a FIFA ban in 2017 and 2021 due to third-party interference. The current committee is determined to successfully completion of the elections, which are now on the horizon.

“We are delighted to initiate the election process and mark a significant milestone in the restoration of football governance in Pakistan,” stated Haroon Malik. “Our goal is to conduct a transparent and inclusive election that upholds the principles of fair play and allows the football community to choose their representatives with confidence. We are committed to steering the PFF towards a brighter future and ushering in a new era for Pakistani football.”

The PFF NC has assured stakeholders and the footballing community that all necessary measures will be taken to ensure a smooth and credible election process. With FIFA and AFC closely monitoring the proceedings, the PFF looks forward to a fresh chapter of growth and development for football in Pakistan.


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