Pakistan finish last in Junior Davis Cup Qualifying


TTS Report :
Pakistan’s junior tennis team faced a devastating blow as they finished in the last place out of 16 teams in the 2023 DCJ AsiaOceania Final Qualifying held in Shymkent, Kazakhstan.
In a disappointing turn of events, Pakistan suffered a 0-2 loss against Iran in the match for the 15th-16th position. Mani Kardan of Iran showcased exceptional skill, outplaying Pakistan’s Hamza Roman with a score of 6-4, 6-2. In the second singles match, Iran’s Mehrad Mansouri secured a comfortable victory against Nadir Reza Mirza, with a final score of 6-3, 6-3, sealing the unassailable win. Due to the doubles match not taking place, Iran secured the 15th position in the event.
Expressing his disappointment, Col Asif Dar (R) stated, “Pakistan’s Junior Davis Cup team finished 16th out of 16 teams. They remain winless so far, and Iran’s decisive 2-0 triumph further highlights their struggle to avoid last place. The recent demotion of Pakistan’s Senior Davis Cup team to lower divisions is also concerning, as it raises questions about the management of the Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF).”
Col Asif Dar (R) continued, “This defeat stands as the worst in the history of Pakistan tennis. Such outcomes occur when incompetent individuals oversee the affairs of the PTF without consulting senior professionals. If the administration is managed with honesty and professionalism, such results would never arise. The PTF is plagued by politics and unprofessionalism, and it is high time for the PTF president to acknowledge the shortcomings of his team, which is letting him down.”
“The poor performance of Pakistan’s junior tennis team in the tournament raises concerns about the state of tennis development in the country. The illegal extension of office by PTF officials goes against their own Constitution. The lack of intervention from the Pakistan Olympic Association and the cluelessness of the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) add to the disheartening situation.
“As Pakistan’s tennis struggles continue, it becomes imperative for the PTF president to address the shortcomings within the federation and prioritize the development of young talent. Only through transparent and professional management can Pakistan’s tennis prospects be revitalized, bringing hope for a brighter future in the sport,” Col Asif Dar (R) concluded.


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