PDCA and ADCA Forge Partnership to Promote Deaf Cricket in the United States


TTS Report
The Pakistan Deaf Cricket Association (PDCA) President, Irfan Miraj, has pledged unwavering support to the President of the American Deaf Cricket Association (ADCA), Fuaad Hasan Lone, in their joint mission to promote deaf cricket in the United States.
Fuaad Hasan Lone, President of the ADCA, expressed his purpose for visiting Pakistan, stating, “We will invite PDCA officials to the United States and seek their complete guidance and technical assistance. Our goal is to elevate the standard of deaf cricket in the US, following the successful examples set by Pakistan and Afghanistan.”
Passionate about advancing the sport, PDCA President Irfan Miraj, who leads Pakistan’s World Champion deaf cricket team, wholeheartedly agreed to support the promotion of deaf cricket in the United States. “The PDCA is eager to share its knowledge and experience with other cricket-playing regions, and it would be an honor for us to support deaf cricket in the United States,” said Miraj during a meeting held at a local hotel. The meeting was also attended by PDCA Coach Nadeem Zafar Gondal, Irfan Miraj’s interpreter and wife, Ms. Komal, Advocate Habib ur Rehman Rana, PCB’s trainer Rana Farhan Masood, PIA Station Manager Ali Asghar Zaidi, and Mr. Mansoor.
“The Pakistan Deaf Cricket Association has tirelessly worked towards developing deaf cricketers in the country. We are keen on identifying young deaf cricketers from all corners of the nation, creating a stronger pool of players capable of representing Pakistan in international events and achieving success,” added Miraj.
The PDCA President emphasized their successful promotion of deaf cricket in Afghanistan and expressed the desire to replicate this achievement in the United States. “If we visit the United States and meet their officials, we will discuss strategies to promote deaf cricket, provide a comprehensive plan, and raise the standard of the game.”
PDCA Head Coach Nadeem Zafar Gondal highlighted the efforts made in Pakistan, stating, “We have dedicated ourselves to promoting deaf cricket. Not only have we conducted training camps for deaf cricketers, but we have also trained deaf coaches who now work across Pakistan. If given the opportunity in the US, we will implement the same plan to train players and coaches, contributing to this noble cause.”
Advocate Habib ur Rehman Rana, responsible for overseeing legal matters for the PDCA, shared his enthusiasm for promoting deaf cricket in the US. “In collaboration with the ADCA, we will visit schools, colleges, and universities to raise awareness and motivate deaf players interested in the sport. Our aim is to inspire them to play deaf cricket and represent their country at the international level.”


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