Ali Embroidery Mills High Performance Tennis Training Camp 2023 inaugurated


TTS Report :
The Punjab Lawn Tennis Association (PLTA) and Ali Embroidery Mills have joined hands to organise the High Performance Tennis Training Camp 2023 here at the Punjab Tennis Academy in Bagh-e-Jinnah.
Omar Badi-uz-Zaman, Executive Director Ali Embroidery Mills, along with PLTA Secretary Rashid Malik inaugurated the camp during a colorful opening ceremony, which took place on Thursday and was attended by camp participants, coaches, and officials.
Omar Zaman expressed his company’s commitment to supporting talented tennis players in Pakistan. He said, “There is no dearth of talent in Pakistan, but the dire need of the hour is to provide that talent with all the basic and modern facilities so that they may earn glories for Pakistan at the international level.”
Omar Zaman also emphasized the importance of corporate social responsibility and encouraged others to support talented Pakistani players. “It is our corporate responsibility, and we are doing it in a befitting manner. Others too should come forward and support very talented Pakistani players so that in return, they may win international medals for Pakistan,” he added.
The camp will be supervised by former Pakistan No 1, Davis Cup Captain, and renowned coach Rashid Malik (Tamgha-e-Imtiaz). The training will be conducted by Pakistan No 1 Aqeel Khan, former Pakistan No 2 Shahzad Khan, former Junior Davis Cupper Ahmad Babar, and Certified Fitness Trainer Syed Azhar Hussain (IFCA, UK).
PLTA Secretary Rashid Malik expressed his gratitude to Ali Embroidery Mills for sponsoring this fruitful activity. He also thanked Federal Minister for IPC Ehsan ur Rehman Mazari for his all-out assistance for the promotion of junior tennis in Pakistan. “Such generous supports always help in the betterment and development of sports and especially tennis in Pakistan,” Malik said.
“The camp will benefit top-ranked national players and is being organized for the second time in Pakistan’s tennis history. With the support of Ali Embroidery Mills and other sponsors, we are hopeful to provide talented Pakistani players with the necessary facilities and training to win the ATF, ITF titles at junior level and later, the same bunch of players, if provided consecutive support by government and corporate sector for international events, can represent the country in ATP, WTA, and Grand Slam events,” Rashid Malik concluded.


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