Govt wants NC to hold fair PFF Elections: IPC Minister



LAHORE : Inter Provincial Coordination (IPC) Minister Dr Fehmida Mirza has said that the government, as a neutral observer, wants to hear both sides and wants the Noramlisation Committee to conduct fair elections. 

According to information made available here on Thursday, the IPC Minister invited the delegation of Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) and Normalization Committee (NC) at her office to resolve their issues. Dr Fehmida, who is also president of Pakistan Sports Board (PSB), said that the government, as a neutral observer, wants to hear both sides and wants the Normalization Committee to conduct fair PFF elections. “The government wants football revival in the country for the sake of football fans and all steps must be taken for the betterment of players and officials which require cooperation from all stakeholders,” she added.

The PFF delegation briefed its stance to the IPC Minister after being banned by FIFA. The members of the PFF delegation said: “We have not violated FIFA’s mandate and the new Normalization Committee (NC) does not have their representation in it. The NC should be properly represented, unbiased and come up with the roadmap for elections.” Dr Fehmida said that the government is ready to play its role to resolve these issues as an impartial mediator. 

The meeting was attended by Secretary IPC, Vice President Sport’s Board and DG PSB. Dr Fehmida had also invited the Normalization Committee for the said meeting but as President NC Haroon Malik is out of the country another meeting would soon be held with the Normalization Committee and its President to hear their stance.


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