PCB bosses prospering at a cost of Pakistan cricket?


LAHORE :With a revamped cricketing structure, Pakistan domestic and club cricket have been declining fast but contrary to that the bosses of Pakistan Cricket Board have been prospering with each passing day and have no decline till the change of the government, when new premier will call for the accountability of these PCB high-ups.

“The current PCB high-ups have failed to develop and promote cricket in the country especially the club cricket, which suffered the most as not a single event of club cricket could take place so far but the wholesale changes can be witnessed with some decisions of the PCB getting strong reaction from city cricket organizers, former officials and club owners. Most of them boycotted the decision of the PCB saying how can cricket clubs pay hefty amounts in the name of hefty fees while they also can’t make all the facilities available mentioned by the cricket board adding that most of such facilities are even not available in the National Cricket Academy, now known as High Performance Cricket Centre, which is being run by those, who don’t know the ABC of club cricket,” this was stated by senior journalist Muhammad Imran while talking tp “Sports Page”, a sports program by a private TV Channel and hosted by senior journalist Mirza Iqbal Baig here on Sunday.
“The current PCB setup has done nothing for the betterment and welfare of cricketers, who are the real stakeholders; rather the PCB heads are enjoying all the perks and privileges and prospering with each passing day. The real beneficiaries of current setup are these bigwigs, who are taking every decision without thinking the long-term benefits of Pakistan cricket and cricketers, who really deserve better treatment from the PCB high-ups,” he added.

Lashing out at the dual policy of the PCB bosses regarding the club cricket and new laws about it, the journalist said that the cricket board asks the clubs to have qualified coaches, the question here arises that how many qualified coaches the national team and their academies have? The PCB asks for having facilities of gyms and swimming pools, one must ask them that how the clubs, who hardly collect money for running their day to day affairs, can afford such lavish facilities for the young cricketers, who mostly belong to poor families and usually are unable to pay a very meager amount set by the clubs.
He suggested that PCB to have mercy on club cricket and let them run the affairs of clubs and club cricket in the best possible manner and try to further destroy Pakistan cricket, which is already suffering due to poor policies of cricket board. The PCB should provide either funding or financial support to the clubs, which are the real nurseries of Pakistan cricket and have been providing the cricketing stars to the country since long, instead of utilizing all the resources on their perks and privileges, for which they are accountable for.


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