Seminar on Importance of Math held at UO


The University of Okara’s ( UO ) Department of Mathematics organized a seminar on the ‘Recent Trends in Mathematics”. The speakers including the UO Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Zakria Zakar, the Chairperson Department of Mathematics, Government College University Lahore, Prof Dr Mujahid Abbas, and the Chairperson of the UO’s Department of Mathematics Dr Shoaib Saleem discussed the significance of mathematics in sciences and in daily life. 

Addressing to the participants, Dr Zakar said that mathematics was very close to his heart. He further told, “Mathematics helps us understand the world and provides an effective way to build mental discipline.” 

Dr Mujahid argued that Math encouraged logical reasoning, critical thinking, creative thinking, spatial thinking, problem-solving ability, and even effective communication skills.

Dr Shoaib highlighted the role of math in daily life and maintained that math was a way to think and behave logically. “Mathematics helps in analytical thinking. While solving math problems, data are collected, disassembled and then interconnected to solve them”. 

The students of the Department of Mathematics also presented posters to highlight the importance and impact of math and show tribute to the great mathematicians and Physicists like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.


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