Top tennis players exhibit their prowess in SA Gardens exhibition matches


Lahore: Top tennis stars exhibited their prowess and excelled in the exhibition tennis matches professionally organized by SA Gardens at their state-of-the-art tennis club.
Pakistan’s longest serving No 1 tennis player Aqeel Khan, ladies tennis champion Ushna Suhail, Pakistan No 2 and Davis Cupper Muzammil Murtaza, former Davis Cup captain and renowned coach Rashid Malik (Tamgha-e-Imtiaz), Muhammad Fahad, Noor Malik, Zohaib Afzal Malik, Ameer Mazari, Hamza Ali Rizwan, hosts Ammad, Ahmed, Sohail Afzal Malik (Chairman SA Gardens) and Shoaib Afzal Malik (CEO SA Gardens).
After tough battles and exciting and enthralling encounters, Aqeel, Ushna and Malik succeeded in winning their matches as well as hearts of many. The most interesting thing during the entire tennis matches was the most motivating, heart-warming, awe-inspiring and professional commentary of chief coordinator Mr. Aamir Malik, who made the matches more lively and remarkable with his magical words.
Not only this, the delegation of the top national players also visited the Pakistan’s biggest racing track, where they also enjoyed the riding and competed with each other to make their moments momentous. They also visited state-of-the-art futsal stadium, basketball arena, and the zoo, where they saw rare and expensive animals.
Before their return, all the tennis players thanked the SA Gardens management for hosting such a remarkable tour, terming it one of the most memorable trips of their lives. They wished to visit SA Gardens again and play tennis there and also enjoy the great hospitality of the hosts.
SA Gardens Chairman Sohail Afzal Malik and CEO Shoaib Afzal Malik expressed their gratitude to the national tennis champions for visiting and playing exhibition tennis matches at the SA Gardens Tennis Club. “We really enjoyed the enthralling matches of top tennis players of the country and also enjoyed our matches with them especially with Aqeel, Ushna, Muzammil and Rashid Malik. We wish them best for their future endeavours and hope that they will further excel and earn laurels for the country at international level.”


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