Ittehad Punjab Polo Cup 2021 starts tomorrow


LAHORE : The 14-goal Ittehad Punjab Polo Cup 2021, the oldest event of Pakistan polo, will swing into action tomorrow (Tuesday) here at the Lahore Polo Club (LPC) ground.  
Lahore Polo Club President Omer Sadik has revealed that as many as seven teams will vie for the top honours in this historical event. The participating teams are divided into two pools as Pool A consists of Remounts, Colony/FG Polo and Diamond Paints while Pool B comprises Barry’s, Newage/Jubilee Life, BN and DS Polo/ASC. Remounts will vie against Colony/FG Polo in the opening match at 2:00 pm while Barry’s will clash against Newage/Jubilee Life at 3:00 pm. The subsidiary and main finals will be played on Sunday (February 28).”  
Highlighting the history of historical Punjab Polo Cup, Omer Sadik said: “With the origins of polo from Central Asia thousands of year age, our region is known for the colorful and powerful history of this sport, which has always been the mark of royalty and prestige. As one of the world’s oldest polo clubs, Lahore Polo Club relishes the prestigious history of playing the game of kings. The Punjab polo trophy happens to be the oldest polo trophy being played for in Pakistan having been introduced in 1886.   
“Ever since, this tournament has always been played at the world’s famous Aibak ground of Lahore Polo Club. This tournament will see top polo players placed in various teams in action in the week-long event, which will produce high-quality polo for the entertainment of the lovers of the game,” Omer Sadik added.  
The LPC president also thanked Ittehad Textiles for sponsoring this historical event. “I am highly grateful to Ittehad Textile CEO Nazim Shahzad Shiekh and his team for supporting the game of kings and knights.”  
Sharing his views, Ittehad Textile CEO Nazim Shahzad Shiekh said: “Polo is a lifestyle game, it has been gaining popularity in Pakistan with each passing day. It is an honour for us to support this game of kings and knights and especially this tournament, which is the oldest polo event of Pakistan. We will continue to support this beautiful game in future as well.”


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