‘Grove Mera’ is Shame for PCB : Shoaib Akhtar blasts over anthem PSL 6


Former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar blasts over the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on his social media official pages on Wednesday saying that the PSL 6 song was the worst one in the tournament’s history and shameful act of pakistan cricket board. Shoaib Akhtar blasts over anthem PSL 6 anthem.
Akhtar expressed his distaste for the PSL6 anthem in his latest YouTube video, blaming the PCB officials of lacking the skills to do anything properly and still in the worst line.
“If the 10 worst songs of the PSL are compiled, this song will be number one,” said the former pacer, who was nicknamed the Rawalpindi Express for his sheer pace. “Do you have any shame?”
The pacer mocked the new song by joking that ever since he played it for his children, they have stopped talking to him. “My kids are scared of this song. When they don’t sleep, I tell them I’ll play it for them. That immediately scares them,” he said.
“Neither did I get the lyrics nor the song. What does groove mean? What is groove? Even the singers who were singing I am sure did not know the meaning of the word groove,” he added.
Shoaib Akhtar said jokingly that he would “file a serious case against the PCB through his YouTube videos” for making such an awful song. The cricketer, however, said that the singers were not to blame for the song since they were told to do their jobs a certain way.
“What have you done? You hid the clothes of our Chief Selector Mohammad Waseem and dressed the rappers in them,” he said, referring to the Young Stunners duo who were vibrant clothing in the song’s video.
The right-arm fast bowler told the PCB not to take his criticism to heart but make a better song next time. “Make a better song next time and if you can’t, let me know I will sing it for you,” he said.

Former pacer is known out spoken and brave cricketer ever in the cricket history and always kept the Pakistan cricket board in hot water.


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