Agreement signed between Lahore Qalandars and B for You Group


By : Sports Reporter

Lahore : An interesting development came in Pakistan Super League (PSL 6) frenchise Lahore Qalandars and B For you Group .

Lahore Qalandars Official Tweet

A sponsorship agreement has been signed between Lahore Qalandars and B for You Group for the sixth edition of Pakistan Super League.

In this regard, a ceremony was held at Lahore Press Club in which Atif Rana, CEO of Lahore Qalandars and Saif-ur-Rehman Niazi, Founder and CEO of B for You Group of Companies signed a memorandum of understanding.

On this occasion, Saif-ur-Rehman Niazi said that we are very happy that we have signed a sponsorship agreement with Lahore Qalandars team in PSL. Lahore Qalandars CEO Atif Rana said that we welcome B for You Group of Companies to be a part of Qalandars Families and hope that the team will perform well this season with the agreement with them.

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