Rise and fall of nations depends on universities: Dr Zakar


Okara : Rise and fall of nations depends upon their universities as these are the places where cultural and political discourses are generated, said the Vice Chancellor University of Okara Prof Dr Muhammad Zakria Zakar in his special message at the eve of the 49th anniversary of Dhaka Fall.
He told that universities are mandated to ensure character building and capacity building of youth and if our institutions of higher learning perform these two functions honestly, Pakistan will rise to be a strong and pluralistic nation.
Commenting on the unfortunate disintegration of the East Pakistan, Dr Zakar said, “We should learn from our history and work to include all segments of the society in the mainstream. We need to ensure the education, empowerment and participation of our youth in order to make our country strong”.
The VC further told that we should support our armed forces and state institutions and make our universities hubs of the production and dissemination of knowledge.
“The challenges of 21st century teach us that the real fields of power and competition are the laboratories, libraries and lecture theaters of our universities”.


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