Zacky Farms on Friday made way to the main final of the Noon Polo Cup 2021 being played here at the Lahore Polo Club ground.
Two important two-chukker matches were played under American system among three teams. Zacky Farms first defeated Remington Pharma by 2-1 and then outpaced Country Polo Team by 3-2½. In the third match, Country Polo Team outlasted Remington Pharma by 2½-0.
The second match was also played under American system among three teams. In the first match, Cresent Digital Prints routed Security 2000 by 4-2½ and then outsmarted Airlink Eagles by 3-1 to earn place in the subsidiary final. In the third match, Airlink Eagles beat Security 2000 by 4-3½. The finals will be played on Sunday.

Zacky Farms reach Noon Polo Cup final 1


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