World Wildlife Day Seminar held at UO

World Wildlife Day Seminar held at UO 1

The University of Okara’s Department of Zoology organized a seminar at the eve of the World Wildlife Day. The speakers at the seminar discussed the role of animals in ecosystem and proposed differed ways to conserve the wildlife.
Addressing to the participants, the Chairman Department of Zoology, Dr Muhammad Wajid, said that animals had a key role in human life as most of the lifesaving drugs were either extracted from animals or plants.
He urged the students to work on raising awareness for the protection of the wildlife by discouraging the unnecessary hunting and killing of animals, avoidance of the overuse of pesticides and fertilizers and conservation of water resources.
He also stressed the need of extensive plantation and upkeep of forests so that the endangered animals, birds and insects could be preserved.
The other faculty members of the Department of Zoology including Dr Rana Manzoor Ahmed, Dr Sajjad Sarwar and Dr Saleem Khan also addressed the seminar.
According to the university spokesperson, the UO administration, following the vision of the Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Zakria Zakar, has established a Center for Sustainability that is aimed at taking initiatives to preserve the endangered species of animals and plants in the region.

World Wildlife Day Seminar held at UO 2

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