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Ukraine have joined Spain and Portugal in a bid to host the 2030 FIFA World Cup.

At UEFA’s headquarters on Wednesday, representatives of the Spanish, Portuguese, and Ukrainian football organisations reaffirmed their plans.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February, hundreds of soldiers and civilians have died in the conflict, and major cities have been severely damaged.

In June 2021, Spain and Portugal first declared a combined bid.

“Our bid is not an Iberian bid anymore, it’s a European bid,” Luis Rubiales, president of the Spanish federation (RFEF), said.

“I’m convinced that now our bid is much better than before. Football is universal and if it is capable of changing the lives of people in so many ways it should also be used for doing good.”

The Portuguese Football Federation released a statement claiming that Uefa, the organisation that governs European football, has “unconditional support” for the three-way agreement (FPF).

“The example of tenacity and resilience set by the Ukrainian people is inspiring,” the FPF said. “This proposal aims to contribute through the power of football to the recovery of a country undergoing reconstruction.”

The united South American bid from Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, and Chile and a partnership between Egypt, Greece, and Saudi Arabia will go up against Spain, Portugal, and Ukraine’s offer.

According to the RFEF, the planned 11 venues in Spain and three in Portugal will not be impacted by the inclusion of Ukraine in the bid.

Ukraine joins Spain, Portugal in bid to host FIFA World Cup 2030 1


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