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The national bridge trials spanning over eight days of competitive bridge conducted by Pakistan Bridge Federation finally concluded and although aspirants for final selection were many accomplished bridge players, it was Team Ghazi that earned the honor of representing Pakistan at the 22nd BFAME Championship.

Team Ghazi includes Ghazi Tehseen Gheewala, Rashid ul Ghazi, Imran Abedi, Hassan Askari, Farrukh Liaqat and Mohsin Chandna. The flow of the final days bridge competition between Team Allana and Team Ghazi was full of twists and turns. Fourth round of the final started with a nasty knock for Team Allana.

Trailing by 34 imps, Team Ghazi went on the rampage and swung the game in their favour through brilliant moves. And in the very next board, this was followed up with another game swing which resulted in scores, Allana 132 and Ghazi 118, a total of 14 imps behind.

In the fifth round again a turnaround was witnessed. Team Ghazi outplayed Team Allana taking an advantageous swing on four boards, winning the round 60-27. As if this was not enough the final segment was simply sensational and though Allana won this by 8imps, they lost overall by 11 imps.
At the end, Secretary of Pakistan Bridge Federation Ihsan Qadir awarded the newly-instituted ‘Zia Mahmood Trophy’ to the national champions, Team Ghazi. At the same time, the Munir Ataullah Trophy was awarded to winning Ladies Team Fatima comprising of Fatima Raza (captain), Rubina Hai, Qudsia Dossa, Durriyah Vasi and Merang Byramji.

Team Ghazi front liners in National Bridge Trials 1


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