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Chairman Senate Mohammad Sadiq Sanjrani has said that the government is keen to promote sports, calling on all the stakeholders to play their active role for the betterment and development of Olympic sports in the country.

He expressed these views on Wednesday during a meeting with RISJA delegation at Parliament House Islamabad. The delegation was led by chairman RISJA Abdul Mohi Shah and President Ayaz Akbar Yousafzai while Deputy Chairman Senate Mirza Muhammad Afridi was also present in the meeting.

The Chairman Senate discussed different issues confronting Pakistan sports. “There is a need to spread sports facilities all around the country. Being a keen follower of the game of soccer, I would like to see football grounds in every corner of the country. We also need such facilities for other sports.”

Sanjrani said the role of sports federations in uplifting the system is important. “Media has to play its positive role for sports promotion and development in the country.” He said sports talent is in abundance in the country. “These budding youngsters need support from all stakeholders. Talented players are important asset of the country. Provinces should also play their positive role by providing sports opportunities to youth.”

Stakeholders to play their active role in sports, says Chairman Senate 1


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