Lahore: Passionate golf player Shahid Abbas has been appointed as captain of the Royal Palm Golf Club by the club management.

The Royal Palm Golf Club represents a prestigious golfing arena of the country that has earned a reputation for holding successful golf championships which contributed to the development of golf players as well as encouraging golf talent and creating awareness of the game and health related benefits associated with it.

Shahid appointed captain of Royal Palm Golf Club 1

Over the years, the Royal Palm Golf Course has unfolded into an 18-hole playing arena that provided a challenge to the best of golfers through its contoured fairways and other distinctive characteristics like slick greens, all-encompassing trees, some essential water hazards so very important to enable challenge enhancement and additionally comeliness and loveliness of the flower beds, providing delight and enchantment.

To ensure continuity of excellence, the management of Royal Palm headed by Shahrukh Khan, a man with monumental accomplishments in the international hospitality world, has appointed Shahid Abbas as captain of club.

Shahid appointed captain of Royal Palm Golf Club 2

Shahid is a golf player, who has a passionate affection for the game, a familiarity with all the playing golfers and is an incredibly hard worker who seeks perfection in planning, engagement and thoroughness of all endeavors that yield superlative and admirable results. Already since his appointment as captain, noticeable are improvements on the golf course with fairways looking trim, faultlessly pruned and tidy and eagerness to facilitate golfers is heartening and soul stirring.

Plans for the future include holding of regular golf tournaments, interaction with Punjab Golf Association and Pakistan Golf Federation for assigning national level golf tournaments and another mighty task is reaching out to sponsors for holding of an international golf championship.

Shahid is zealous about junior golf and seeks to reach out to young ones of the club and others with aptitude and flair to set up a coaching programme that can do wonders in helping youngsters of energy to develop themselves to their fullest, to compete ruggedly and observe basic rules of sportsmanship. In a year time, he hopes to bring forth technically proficient youngsters.

In his endeavors, Shahid will be aided by steadfast and resolute people like Hussain Hamid, Waqar Butt, Rana Imran Haider, Agha Muhammed Ali, Ali Naeem and of course a lady of talent, Mrs Minaa Zainab. They are all volunteers who seek to take Royal Palm Golf Club to heights.


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