Sara Loren Uses Her Voice To Promote Equality Across The Country

Sara Loren Sheds Light On Minority Rights

Renowned Pakistani actress Sara Loren continues to use her voice for the greater good. Best known for her versatile roles, Loren also plays an active role as the ambassador for change and equal rights for minorities. She has continued to be an ongoing participant in celebrating and sending her well-wishes to people of all religions alike, using her platform to promote equality across the nation and beyond the border. Supporting harmony among all beings, she has often spoken out to express her thoughts on pressing matters and has condemned acts of violence time and time again. In light of recent events which have transpired across the border, Loren has spoken about relations between Muslims and the Sikh community at the farmers protest in India where farmers took to the streets to protest for their rights. A viral video circulated the internet where the Sikh community stood in solidarity with their Muslim brethren while they prayed ‘Jamat Namaz’ at the farmers protest. Seeing this, Sara Loren released a statement with the following words: “Heartwarming and emotional to see interfaith harmony as Sikh and Muslim exhibit solidarity at the farmers’ protest in India.”Earlier this year, a Christian girl was killed for rejecting marriage proposal from a Muslim man in Rawalpindi. Loren once again took to social media to condemn the forced conversion and the atrocious murder of the innocent girl. “Killing an innocent for rejecting a marriage proposal from a man from a completely different religion – such a shameful, illogical & cowardly act. No religion supports this barbaric mindset. We need justice. Immediate action must be taken against the assailant,” she stated. Continuing to be the voice for minorities, Loren spoke out against the recent vandalization of the statue of the Sikh leader Maharaja Ranjit Singh in Lahore. The statue was meant to forge a lasting friendship among the people of Punjab before it was defaced. “The Sikh & Muslim community has recently shown interfaith harmony across the border, why can’t we extend the same kind of compassion is beyond me. It’s only when we start making an effort to live in harmony that the world will see real change,” the actress stated. Sara Loren has progressively used her platform to solidify minority rights by promoting equality for all, despite their race, gender or religion. Speaking out about the injustices faced by minorities in Pakistan and India, she continues to shed light on current events to promote impartiality and justice for all.


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