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The Royal Palm Golf Club Management organized a Summer Golf Coaching Camp to captivate young ones to the engaging game of golf.
In this connection a 26-day coaching assembly was laid out at the Royal Palm Golf Academy for 35 boys and girls falling in the age group 5 years to 13 years. And the supervision of this camp was entrusted to Siraj Khan, an accomplished golf coach with immense experience and standing and perhaps for the first time in the history of Pakistan Golf, the coaching team also included two lady coaches, Zaibun Nisa and Ana James Gill that enhanced the comfort of the feminine gender participants.
The objective during this golf camp was to inspire youth and help them get fascinated by golf and subsequently heighten relations with it. Chief coach Siraj Khan admitted that teaching beginners was a difficult proposition but he and his coaching team did it with paramount ease, adherence and patience.
The little ones showed immense talent, inclination and zest for the game. They handled the multiple aspects of golfing capably and proficiently during the turn out at the end of the Summer Camp activity. And the outstanding ones in the boys section were Aaly Khan (5-6 years), Ebrahim Ammar Khan (7-9 years) and Numar Zaman (10-13 years) while from amongst the girls, the noticeable ones were Malika Khushbakht (5-9 years), Fatima Akram (10-12 years) and Maleyka Mujahid (13 years).
At the conclusion of the camp held from June 27 to 22, a golf competition was set out at Royal Palm Golf Course and results were as follows; Girls 5 to 9 years; Malika Khushbakt first, Zaynab Akram second and Izza Yasir third. Girls 10-12 years; Fatima Akram first, Nabeeha Rafaqat second and Zainab third; Girls 13 years; Malayeka Mujahid first, Rija Shahbaz Rao second and Fatima Zahra third.
Boys 5-6 years, Aaly Khan first, Wali Akram second and Saad Akram Tullah third; Boys 7-9 years; Ebrahim Ammar Khan first; Muhammad Mustafa Zahid second and Tabish Riaz third; Boys 10-13 years, Numair Zaman Khan first, Mubeen Akram second and Salahdin Anas Sheikh third. On this occasion, a golf competition was also held for the mothers and the winner in age category 30-40 years was Muneeba Rafaqat, in age category 41-45 years was Abida Kashid and in age above 50 years was Amra Leghari.
In the end, the prizes and shields were awarded to performing young ones by Muhammad Ammar Khan of Raaziq International and Minna Zainab, Lady Captain of Royal and Executive Member of Punjab Golf Association in a ceremony attended by Col Jamil Khalid, Imran Khalid, kids and their ardent parents.

Royal Palm organizes 26-day Golf Coaching Camp for U-13 players 1


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