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PFF partners with Global Soccer Ventures for franchise league 1

Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) on Tuesday unveiled its first-ever partnership with Global Soccer Ventures (GSV) to kick off a franchise league called – The Pakistan Football League (PFL).
The partnership is aimed at developing a-state-of-the-art flagship stadium in Karachi and produce international technical football collaboration with top clubs from Europe. It will also design Pakistan’s first-ever sensational domestic inter-city franchise league, according to a communique. This collaboration ensures funds are injected into Pakistan for the right reasons and for Pakistani football players. PFF has placed players at the heart of everything. The Pakistan Football League (PFL) will help rebuild football in Pakistan by producing a new generation of players.
President of Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Ashfaq Shah said, ‘It is about time we take control to secure the future of Pakistan’s players. I want to save football and am proud to partner with GSV which has created a groundbreaking vision for Pakistan.’ Group CEO of Global Soccer Ventures Zabe Khan said, ‘In Pakistan, football is homeless and is like a neglected orphan for several decades. There is nothing stopping football being revived locally.’ He said that Pakistan needs to move forward.
Chief Operating Officer Mike Farnan said, ‘Pakistan is a sleeping giant, with huge potential for football. An announcement will be made by GSV to unveil the full scale of the plans in coming weeks.


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