PFF announces Scrutiny Advisory Committee for election process

Scrutiny Advisory Committee

Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Normalisation Committee (NC) has announced the formation of an eight-member Scrutiny Advisory Committee.

The purpose of this committee is to coordinate the scrutiny of football clubs across the country as the first step toward free and fair PFF elections.

The members of the Scrutiny Advisory Committee are Akhtar Moheyuddin, Muhammad Siddique, Usman Usmani, Muhammad Arif, Rizwan Hameed, Irfan Khan Niazi, Zulfiqar Shah and Imtiaz Ahmad.

They will be responsible for overseeing the scrutiny process of the football clubs.

The PFF has already announced the kicking of its elections, which will begin on May 27th (tomorrow), Saturday, in selected districts.

Scrutiny Advisory Committee

The advisory committee will coordinate the entire process. Subsequently, the scrutiny process will be extended to all districts of the country in the following days.

The objective of conducting thorough scrutiny of the clubs is to ensure that the Electoral College, which will participate in the PFF elections, is well-vetted and meets the requirements.

This scrutiny will contribute to maintaining the integrity and fairness of the election process within the PFF.

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