PCB lashed over bringing Lahore cricket to ashes 1

TTS Report
Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has been severely lashed at for bringing Lahore cricket to ashes with their self-centred policies that led to poor selection of the teams and early exit of Lahore teams from the regional tournament.
The new system of PCB opened the floodgates of criticism on the Lahore cricket system. All the six teams of Lahore, picked by PCB selectors, were eliminated from the first phase of the tournament. This outcome of the system is that all six Lahore zonal teams are eliminated from the super-3 round of the Central Punjab Inter-City Senior Cricket Championship explains how badly PCB is administering cricket in Pakistan.
Lahore cricket pundits said that decay and destruction will continue if current PCB, BoGs and most incompetent lot continue administering cricket in Pakistan. It was for the first time, Faisalabad, Sheikhupura and Sialkot teams qualified for the third round.


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