LAHORE – The Pakistan Golf Federation (PGF) brings elation and joy for the golf professionals, senior professionals, junior professionals, amateur players, upcoming players, lady golfers, the golf clubs and other stakeholders like the sponsors and tournament organizers by announcing the golf calendar for the year 2021-22 which spans over the period July 2021 to June 2022. This calendar lays down the schedule for holding of national level golf championships at various golf playing centres of Pakistan, the more prominent ones being Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Peshawar.

Pakistan Golf Federation announces golf calendar 2021-22 1

Other centres like Multan, Quetta do get space for holding golf championships but the activity is not as much as in the major cities. The PGF will conduct total 44 events throughout the year, which comprise 22 open golf championships and 22 amateur golf championships. The open golf championships are a source of livelihood for professional golfers while amateur open championships are honor bringing events for amateur golfers, where glittering trophies are on offer, no prize money can be earned or acquired by the winners as in the case of professionals.

The golf calendar gets going with the 1st CNS Open Golf Championship, which commenced on Thursday. Since the weather in Karachi is more suited for monumental golf events at this time of the year, August and September will be months of hectic golfing activity. That includes the DHA Independence Day Open Championship at DHA Golf Course followed by Sind Amateur at Karachi Golf Club, the President SGA Amateur at DHA and later, the PGF Inter Club Golf Event at Karachi Golf Club. From October onwards, the tournaments move towards Punjab, Islamabad and KPK and in between will be the Bolan Open at Quetta in October.

Pakistan Golf Federation announces golf calendar 2021-22 2

The National Amateur Golf Championship of Pakistan is scheduled to be held at Peshawar Golf Club from Nov 18 to 21 while the Pakistan Open is due to be held at Karachi Golf Club from Jan 26 to 30, 2022. These are national title bearing events. Hopefully if the Covid condition eases, these national championships can acquire the international flavor. The PGF Match Play Golf Championship has been allocated to Royal Palm and will be held from Sep 23 to 26 at Royal Palm Golf Course.

Federal Ladies Amateur will be held at Islamabad in October, Punjab Ladies Amateur at Lahore Gymkhana in December, Sind Ladies Amateur at Karachi Golf Club in January 2022 and PGF Ladies Amateur at Islamabad Golf Club in March 2022. For the golf professionals of Pakistan, the Open Golf Events are going to be rewarding and remunerative and the Golf Tour of Pakistan and the golfing fans look forward to seeing amazing golf from them. The Golf Calendar will conclude in June 2022 with the holding of President Gold Medal at Islamabad Golf Course from June 3 to 5.


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